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Upcoming Conferences

The Journal of Rangpur Medical College (JRMC) warmly welcomes conferences to publish their proceedings in the JRMC Digital Library. As part of our commitment to preserving and disseminating scientific knowledge, we offer this service free of cost to the scientific community.

Conference organizers are kindly requested to submit the manuscripts in DOC format to the editor of JRMC. It is important that the format of the manuscript adheres to the JRMC template. Additionally, conference organizers are requested to provide the review comments and the list of reviewers to JRMC, along with the set of manuscripts. To facilitate organization and categorization, the manuscripts should be appropriately categorized based on the topics they address.

Conferences interested in publishing their selected manuscripts with the Journal of Rangpur Medical College are requested to utilize the copyright forms and templates provided in the downloads section. Compliance with these documents is essential for publication in JRMC.

We encourage conference organizers to take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with JRMC and share their valuable research findings with the wider scientific community. By publishing conference proceedings in our esteemed journal, we collectively contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge.

Call For Paper Volume 11 Issue 07 July 2023

The Journal of Rangpur Medical College (JRMC) is currently accepting manuscripts for publication in its upcoming issue, Volume 11, Issue 07, scheduled for release in July 2023. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts reporting original medical research, including original articles, research articles, case reports, systematic reviews, and educational innovations.

JRMC welcomes various types of manuscripts that align with high-quality scholarship, including medical research, clinical research, educational innovations, brief reports, and reviews on teaching. We strive to maintain rigorous standards to ensure the integrity and impact of the published work.

We encourage authors to submit their manuscripts to the Journal of Rangpur Medical College for consideration in the forthcoming Volume 11, Issue 07, to be published in July 2023. This is an excellent opportunity to share your valuable research and contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge.


If any difficulty you can also send Email to: rmjrpmc@gmail.com